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The Advantages Of Original M-Sand

  • Original MSand is free from elongated and flaky particle since it is shaped cubically using VSI shaping machine. The cubically shaped particles give high strength and long life to concrete
  • Original MSand is manufactured strictly adhering to IS 383 (1970) zone II grading. Perfect grading and cubical shape of MSand provides 10-15% more compressive strength for concrete and 25-30% more strength for masonry works compared to crusher dust.
  • Original MSand has minus 150 micron less than 10% and minus 45 micron less than 2% only. This helps the concrete to maintain water absorption rate of concrete less than 2% which helps to produce concrete of consistent quality.
  • Original MSand is graded with precession by removing the microfines correctly and thus it has higher 'Finess Modules Index' compared to river sand and crusher dust. This gives good workability for concrete and masonry that help in easy and quick construction.
  • Original MSand has two grades for concreting and plastering. This saves you the work of filtering the sand. Besides, as there is no loss of sand, you can save money on it.

VSI M-Sand Quality Strength

M-Sand adheres to the highest standards and undergoing the following quality tests.

  1. Sieve analysis
  2. Optical Microscopic Study to check the particle shape.
  3. Workability (slump test by slump cone method).
  4. Cube test for compressive strength.
  5. No fear of adulteration with sea sand or muddy soil.


Greater Durability

M-Sand has balanced physical and chemical properties that can withstand any aggressive environmental and climatic conditions as it has enhanced durability, greater strength and overall economy. Usage of M-Sand can overcome the defects occurring in concrete such as honey combing, segregation, voids, capillary etc.

Offsets Construction Defects

M-Sand has optimum initial and final setting time as well as excellent fineness which will help to overcome the deficiencies of concrete such as segregation, bleeding, honeycombing, voids and capillary.


Usage of M-Sand can drastically reduce the cost since like river sand, it does not contain impurities and wastage is NIL. In International Construction Scenario, no river sand is used at all, only sand is manufactured and used, which gives superior strength and its cubical shape ensures significant reduction in the cement used in the concrete .

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