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In our daily lives, we talk a lot about quality & services' of almost everything - be it a Manufacturing sands and River sand. Sand is used as a prime ingredient in industrial concrete.

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Public Works Department (PWD) approved manufacturers of M-Sand and P-Sand. Sand is a very important construction material. It is a fine aggregate which is either natural or in the form of crushed stones and crushed gravel sand. It is finer than gravel and coarser than silt. Sand is a basic raw material used in the construction industries. We have advanced packaging systems available to make sure that the Sand are packed using the experts approved packaging stuff.

VSI SAND is extremely proud to announce that we have achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification. The material that is used for the production complies with high-quality standards and quality-proven by the experts. Also, we make sure that the raw material is sourced from the trusted places. Sand is a chemical compound which is an oxide of silicon also known as silicon dioxide.

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Mass Volume Production is the production of large amounts of standardized products, and provide you with a predictable outcome.

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5 Stage Process of crushing operations

VSI M-Sand is produced using IS Grade VSI and other Crusher Machinery, which ensures precision and quality.
The crushers have 5 stage operations

Primary Jaw Crusher

The Boulders produced from VSI SAND Operated Mines are fed to the Primary Jaw Crusher to crush it in to smaller pieces. It is then fed to the Secondary Cone Crusher.

Secondary Cone Crusher

The crushed boulders from the Primary Jaw Crusher are fed to the Secondary Cone Crusher for further reduction in order to achieve desired size.

Vertical Shaft Impactor

The Material from Secondary Cone Crusher is fed to VSI Shaping Machine for blunting the sharp edges to attain cubically shaped grounded edges. This enhances the quality of VSI SAND.

High Frequency Screen

Our 4 deck high frequency screen in each crusher ensures uniform gradation and smooth product finish

Hydro Cyclone

The classifier segregates the crusher dust which is below 150 microns and advances the particles required for sand. Help of 100% mechanical theory.

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